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Unlock Team Potential: Immerse Your Team in a Thrilling Escape Room Adventure!

Elevate teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills with our innovative escape room experience. Tailored to foster collaboration and camaraderie, our immersive adventures offer a unique storyline, challenging puzzles, and hidden clues.

For smaller teams, bring the team to us, for larger teams (25+) we can come to you.

Magic School

Magic School

Get ready to tackle your end of year magical exams!

Wise Guys

Wise Guys

Stop a rival gang from muscling in on your territory



The human race are being turned into zombies! Cam you find a cure?



It’s been 300 years since the original witch trials. Witchcraft has returned to Salem and so have the trials.

Team building at our place

Bring the team to us!

Join us for an adventure at our escape rooms, where you can tackle challenges like completing magical exams, finding a cure for a zombie virus, or facing modern-day witch trials.

With meeting space, complimentary tea and coffee, and catering available, we can accommodate teams of up to 24 people for an hour or even a full day of excitement. Whether you’re seeking a brief escape or an all-day challenge, our diverse rooms offer something for everyone.

Gather your team and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with puzzles, teamwork, and thrills!

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Team building at your place

We'll bring the escape room experience to you!

Bring the thrill of our escape rooms directly to your business location!

Our mobile escape room service delivers all the excitement and challenges of our themed rooms right to your doorstep. Perfect for team-building events, corporate retreats, or employee appreciation days, our mobile escape rooms can accommodate teams of up to 100 participants.

We’ll set up the immersive experience in your designated space, providing all the necessary props, puzzles, and clues. Your team can choose from a variety of themes, including magical exams, zombie virus cure quests and a murder mystery. Our experienced staff will guide your team through the adventure, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Plus, with optional catering and refreshments available, your team can stay energised and focused as they work together to solve the challenges and escape within the allotted time.

Turn any ordinary day at the office into an extraordinary adventure with our mobile escape room service!

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Team building at the Parkmore Hotel

We'll meet at The Parkmore.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the Parkmore Hotel in Eaglescliffe to bring an unparalleled corporate away day experience to your team. Hosted in the elegant suites of the Parkmore Hotel, we offer a fusion of team-building games and immersive escape rooms, expertly delivered by Escape Games. Your team will embark on thrilling adventures, from solving intricate puzzles to unraveling mysteries, all within the luxurious setting of the Parkmore Hotel.

Additionally, the Parkmore Hotel provides exceptional catering services, ensuring your team stays refreshed and energized throughout the day. With delectable options crafted by the Parkmore’s culinary experts, your team can indulge in delicious meals and snacks while strategizing their escape.

Together, Escape Games and the Parkmore Hotel offer the perfect blend of excitement, luxury, and teamwork, creating an unforgettable corporate away day experience tailored to inspire collaboration and camaraderie among your team members.

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